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Questions this book answers

  • How do I get sole custody of my child?

  • Do the courts often grant 50-50 custody in a custody case?

  • What is the legal process?

  • How do I get emergency custody of my child?

  • Can a party file for a restraining order against the other parent at the beginning of a custody case?

  • Can you lose custody of your child for cheating on your spouse?

  • Can a grandparent be assigned joint custody of a child?

This book sets out the real inside information that many lawyers fail to explain to their clients and gives you the nuts and bolts of how to develop a successful custody case.

Prior to launching Colorado Legal Group, David developed two other divorce and family law firms: New Mexico Legal Group and Nebraska Legal Group. His proven track record of creating best-in-class law firms staffed with talented attorneys and paralegals is unmatched. Author of Confessions of a Divorce Assassin (available on Amazon) , David is thrilled to be able to bring his unique approach and client-focused services to Colorado.




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Part 1: The Down & Dirty of Who Gets Custody

Part 3: The Day You Walk Into the Courtroom

Part 2: The Nuts and Bolts of the Legal Process

Part 4: Real Questions from Real People

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Krista B.

For anyone who hasn’t been through a divorce, the whole process can be completely overwhelming. Mr. Crum takes the time to break down each step of your case and makes sure you know exactly what is happening and going to happen.

Cynthia P.

I am writing this as a lawyer who has seen David in court many times over the course of more than twenty years. He is always thoroughly prepared and a tenacious advocate for his clients. It is clear, though, that he is not a win at all costs attorney and he always tries to focus on the best outcomes for clients and their child. 

The Information Most

Child Custody Lawyers Never Tell You


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The Information Most

Child Custody Lawyers 

Never Tell You